Video: Clearing Storm in Plett 

Published: October 4th, 2020

Anyone who has ever been to Plettenberg Bay knows that this is a remarkable place. Miles of perfect beaches surrounded by mountains. Hundreds of dolphins call this home.

For photographers this is a paradise, because the light is always changing. If it looks like a dull day, just wait a few hours. This particular day started off rainy, and then the storm cleared, leaving behind perfect clouds to catch the light of the sun as it set.

I filmed this back in December 2019 before Covid struck. I found the footage again this past weekend and decided to finish editing it.

The haunting music from Goldfish is the key that holds this whole piece together. They had just played a New Years Eve concert in Plettenberg Bay, and I fell in love with this particular song: ‘Moonwalk Away’.

Video by David Skok