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Published: December 17th, 2014

videos-on-pletttubeIf you’re looking for awesome videos of Plett, check out – fast becoming the go-to place for clips on events, activities and everything else happening in and around Plett!

There are many hours of media on Plett at YouTube and other video sharing sites, but PlettTube is the one place you’ll find them all together, so you don’t have to sift through hundreds of posts to find the one you’re after.

Find videos on activities, art & culture, events, festivals, surfing, news, Plett Rage and more.

And if you’ve got a video clip you want to post, you can sign up and share it with everyone too! Videographers can share their work on PlettTube for free, allowing them to get great, targeted exposure.

There’s only one catch… videos on PlettTube have to be about Plett… but then that’s what you’d expect, right?

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