What is up with the tree at Monkeyland? 

Published: April 22nd, 2022

When you walk into the restaurant at Monkeyland in Plettenberg Bay you will be met with a massive and very impressive tree!  The first thing you’ll notice about this tree is that it is made out of Paper Mache!  When you walk closer, you will be awestruck at the excellent craftsmanship that went into making this colossal and real-looking tree.

The second thing you will notice is the white block around the tree at Monkeyland.  That white block is exactly 1 square meter in size – 1m².  The square is to represent the Buy a Square Project.  Not everyone knows just by looking how big a single square meter really is.  But once you can see that such a big tree can fit into that square it makes sense that one square represents more than just a tree, it represents the home of a monkey or a whole little family.   

The primates who live at Monkeyland wish to own the land that they live and thrive on. Currently humans own the land, but you can help them to change this by buying a square meter of forest for them for R90.00 ($5).

Is it legal for animals to own land? Yes, this is a totally above-board deal, with legally binding agreements signed by both parties. The monkeys are the buyers, and the humans are the sellers.

This campaign is with the mutual agreement of the existing landowners (humans) and the NPO South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA). SAASA is fundamentally the voice for the primates of Monkeyland. The contractual agreement has been drawn up by Fluxmans Attorneys – South Africa’s leading attorney firm – and the process is under scrutiny of Mazars, a top 5 untainted South African auditing company.

By helping them, you are going to secure the future of a very special group of over 600 primates (monkeys, lemurs, and apes) originating from every corner of the world. By helping, you will be part of a very innovative real estate deal where animals are the beneficiaries. Every square meter of the property your donation buys for the primates is numbered and recorded. You will receive a donation number, related to the purchase of square meters which will be reflected on your tax clearance certificate.

You might ask yourself why SAASA are doing this? Why are they going through the hassle of getting legalities sorted and auditing companies on their backs? The answer is simple – and one that you have heard a million times since March 2020 – because of COVID. COVID opened SAASA’s eyes to a looming problem.

Not that the primates cared about COVID but that people started having doubts, check their spending and making sure each coin counts.

SAASA looked at the property known as Monkeyland and realized that, with very little effort, it could be turned into a prime real estate deal for humans – ample space for luxury apartments, safe for humans but not so much the monkeys.

Where would these 600+ sentient beings go? They have family groups, they are close knit, they are, after all, loved! How to secure their place in the world, not just for now, but forever? When the humans who put these primates first are gone, who will be left to care for them? Who will make sure their home stays safe forever?

The answer is you! You will care for them by securing their final forever home. For them, their offspring and those who are still to come in need of a final forever home. Your square will form part of the 216 000 squares these monkeys need. Your square, your R90 ($5) will make a change. Not often are the small amounts seen as part of the bigger picture. Yet Monkeyland guarantees that every square is the same size and every single square counts. Be part of the 216 000, be part of a change, be part of making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

So, visit Monkeyland Plettenberg Bay today, come and see this amazing man-made tree and learn all about their Square Meter Project for the monkeys of Monkeyland