A perfect Plett sunrise

Stats and followers

Plett Tourism has increased its following in all online platforms and social media, and continues to grow in popularity.

Here are some current stats with regard to our following:

Website: On average over the past year 14,257 visits per month – and 28,499 page views per month
Newsletters: A total of 238 newsletters sent out to date, to 6,026 subscribers
Instagram: 10,8k followers
Facebook: 25,887 followers
                    738k three-second video views over the past year
                    207.3k video minutes over the past year
Twitter: 6,456 followers | 13k tweets
YouTube: 1,024,115 views | 2,640 subscribers

(last updated 18 May 2022)

Quarterly reports

The Plett Tourism Team compiles a report each quarter. View recent reports and archives below.