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Global March for Elephants and Rhinos 

Event Date: 04 October, 2014

global-march-elephants-rhinosThere is no longer any dispute that elephant and rhino, two of Africa’s most iconic species are facing a poaching crisis. One elephant is being killed every 15 minutes and three rhino are killed every day; if this situation is left unchecked, we will see both species facing extinction within the next two decades.

And the shameful fact is that the killing is being driven simply because of human stupidity, ignorance and greed. Misinformation, myth and pure nonsense are what drive the rhino trade, while in the case of ivory, vanity, and inappropriate or out-dated beliefs fuel the buying. All these illegal operations are controlled by criminal syndicates, some linked to terrorism, while most are also involved with drugs, arms and human trafficking rackets. 

It’s a disturbing situation, especially for those that have a deep appreciation for our wildlife and wilderness areas, but not a hopeless one by any means. If you want your voice to be heard while also speaking out for elephants and rhino, please join us on Saturday 4th October on the Global March for Elephants & Rhino.

Already, there are over 130 cities and towns from around the world signed up for this event making it an incredible collective platform to bring widespread attention to the plight of these two species. In addition, we will be handing in a petition and memorandum demanding that our politicians and decision-makers respond to the crisis with the urgency it requires. Included will be calls for increased security, improved policing, higher sentences as well as noting our strong opposition to the South African governments’ current pro-trade stance on horn and ivory.  We also firmly believe that demand-reduction is central to the solution and that consumers must be educated and made aware of the consequences to their actions.   

The elephants and rhino of Africa need our support now, so come and join us, and let’s trumpet the voice of Plettenberg Bay as loud as we can. At the same time, we will also be celebrating these incredible animals and the powerful roles they play in our lives.

And if you don’t wish to walk, then please line the route to show your support.    

WHERE: Please meet at the Municipal Parking Lot on the corner of Church and Sewell Streets across from the Plettenberg Bay Municipal offices. 
WHEN: Saturday 4th October 2014
ROUTE: From the parking lot we will proceed up Church Street and then right into Main Street – from here down to the Whale Circle before heading back up Main Street to the Dolphin Circle where petition and memorandum will be handed over. 
TIME: The march will start at 10.00am – start meeting anytime from 9.00am onwards 
WHAT TO BRING: Banners, posters, placards and costumes in support of elephant and rhino