Garden Route locals urged to join in mass rehabilitation of Eden 

Greenpop Festival of Action - mass rehabilitation of the Eden District.
Published: May 8th, 2018

Garden Route locals are urged to join Greenpop in the mass rehabilitation of the Eden District.

Greenpop Festival of Action - mass rehabilitation of the Eden District.Join Greenpop over three weeks as they plant thousands of trees, connect with local communities, partake in sustainability workshops and begin the process of regreening the Garden Route in the wake of the devastating fires of June 2017.

Greenpop, an award-winning social-environmental non-profit enterprise, is bringing their seventh Festival of Action to the Eden District this year to regenerate habitats and restore ecosystems, as well as creating mass environmental impact by planting indigenous trees, building beehives, holding eco-education workshops, and creating environmental art.

Locals are urged to join the movement in order to make this festival as much of a inaugural success as possible.

Whether you choose to join the festival a full time participant, sponsor a youth to partake in the event, donate to the festival itself, or join Greenpop on one of their weekly Open Plant Days, every aspect of involvement from the local community will make a significant impact.

Garden Route locals are offered a 20% discount on the festival ticket price when indicating that they live in the Eden District in their application form. This is a fully facilitated program which includes accommodation, meals, transport between activation sites, sustainability workshops and post-planting parties.

Apply as a participant here:

Greenpop is aiming to make this experience as inclusive and accessible as possible and are calling for sponsors to partially or fully fund eager applicants who would not otherwise afford to attend. If you, as an individual or a company, would like to help provide a phenomenal opportunity to a deserving attendant, please find all relevant information in the link below.


If you are unable to join Greenpop on site but would like to donate to the Eden Regeneration Project, please find all further information and a donation link at:


Eden Festival of Action Fees

(South) African Residents:

Join us for one week: ZAR 4 850

Join us for two weeks: ZAR 8 500

Join us for three weeks: ZAR 11 900

Visitors to Africa:

Join us for one week: USD 585

Join us for two weeks: USD 1 040

Join us for three weeks: USD 1 445


For further information:



Twitter: @Greenpop

Instagram: @GreenpopSA

Phone: +27(0)21 461 9265