iKasi Media brings digital media skills to rural youth 

iKasi Creative Media brings digital media skills to rural youth
Published: September 22nd, 2021

iKasi Media brings digital media skills to rural youth

Despite the strain of the Covid pandemic iKasi Creative Media has kicked into gear to bring accessible digital media skills to rural youth. The flagship 3 months skills programme will have reached 125 youth in the Western Cape and West Coast by the end of this year.

The learners are part of an online network via the Spark Sessions that encourages continuous learning and development. The sessions are interactive and include script development, directing, marketing amongst others. Mentors and facilitators generously give their time and share their expertise in the bi-monthly sessions. Youth in far-flung areas are supported by organisations on the ground who assist with access to WiFi and technology.

Bringing accessibility and sharing knowledge beyond the training programmes is what makes iKasi Creative unique. If you are an industry expert or would like to share your skills and experiences with our network please email comms@ikasimedia.com.

The training provider is in the process of registering a year-long NQF aligned qualification and will be launching in 2022. Partnering with media-related businesses in surrounding small towns for work placements will link youth to entrepreneurial and employment opportunities.

The purpose of the iKasi Creative programmes is to bridge the gap for youth who have little exposure to digital media and especially to shift the narrative by sparking the creative economy in rural areas. Many of the learners recruited are unemployed or living under difficult circumstances, the holistic approach to training includes life skills, job readiness and story development to nurture these talents to create a future for themselves in media. Any supporters or production companies who would like to get involved are invited to join the movement!

Ikasi Creative has recently registered the NQF Level 4 Content Creator Learnership and has a slot on Cape Town TV to broadcast the stories coming out of this programme. This will provide a platform for rural producers to showcase and even monetise their work.

Ikasi Creative is one of 10 organisations selected as part of the Moleskine Creativity Pioneers Grant – for our heritage documentary project which takes a look at the impact on today’s youth of the Group Areas act that devastated rural communities.

Spark Sessions | Contact info@ikasimedia.com