Wrapping up: The Palette, The Furnace and Off the Blade 

Art Exhibition in Plett with paintings, bronze castings and wooden furniture
Published: April 19th, 2021

Wrapping up: The Palette, The Furnace and Off the Blade

The Palette, The Furnace, and Off the Blade took place from 7th to 9th April 2021 in Plettenberg Bay at the Piesang Valley Community Hall.

The venue was transformed into a light, sunny Art Gallery with enough space to comfortably view the paintings, bronzes and furniture on display.  The exhibition was the brainchild of the four artists taught by Cyril Coetzee over many years, Coetzee the award-winning, International artist and a former lecturer of History of Art at the University of the Witswatersrand.  He wrote an introductory preamble on the four artists and their styles and subject matter.  The pictures presented a glorious kaleidoscope of colour, subject and form.

Visitors entered the hall to the sound of water dripping from the wings of a pair of bronze cormorants by Robert Leggat, placed in a shallow pool.  Below the stage, a set of artic terns in various stages of flight and descent were displayed to their maximum advantage, a most beautiful and thrilling conceptual work.  Bronzes by the Leggats were placed strategically around the room and on pieces of furniture by Patrick Reid.

The furniture, a combination of different styles and materials, looked wonderful in the space provided.

On view were tables, dining chairs, tables, desks, all fabricated from an impressive selection of different woods,  namely yellowwood, oak, candlewood, walnut, mahogany, all most pleasing to the eye in their design and execution.

The exhibition was held in conjunction with Hospice Plett and for the benefit of the Charity; staffed by members of the organization with Covid 19 protocols in place.

The footfall was high with many people returning and bringing their friends to view.  Many, many compliments on the curatorship and quality of the work and display were received, most visitors expressing delight to discover such gifted artists in their midst, all hailing from Plettenberg Bay.

  • Paintings: Ingrid Tonkin, Gilly Gregory, Tessa Hinton and Bets Henning
  • Bronzes: Robert and Brendan Leggat,  Bronze Fields Foundry, Harkerville
  • Furniture: Patrick Reid, Reidwood, Ebenezer Estate