Do you want to hold an event in Plett?

Plett Tourism looks forward to receiving your application for an event. 

Once Plett Tourism has approved your event according to the criteria as set out below, we will assist with the official approval of your events, working with the Bitou municipal departments to ensure compliance with national and provincial legislation, and Plett by-laws.

On full compliance and approval from all municipal departments, you will be issued with a permit for your event, and will be required to sign an indemnity form.

All communications can be directed to Cindy Wilson-Trollip at


Criteria for evaluation of events in Plett

    1. Will your event attract people from outside of Plett to come to town?
    2. Does your event have potential to grow to an annual self sustaining event in the long term?
    3. Does your event fall outside of peak season?
    4. Does your event offer high value with low impact on Plett’s resources?
    5. Does your event offer media value which will generate publicity for Plett?
    6. Does your event include the Plett name?

If you feel your event complies with these criteria, please download and complete the documents below to apply for approval of your event.


Documents to apply for approval of your event

    1. Plett Tourism Event Application Form 1 (Word | PDF) - Please email this form to Cindy Wilson-Trollip
    2. Plett Tourism Event Application Form 2 (Word | PDF) - Please email this form to Cindy Wilson-Trollip
    3. Plett Tourism Event Funding Application Form (Word | PDF) - Please email this form to Cindy Wilson-Trollip
    4. Plett Tourism Guidelines for Event Funding Applications (Word | PDF)
    5. Bitou Temporary Signage Application Form (Word | PDF) - Please email this form to Chris Schliemann
    6. Bitou Food Stalls Licence Application Form (Word | PDF) - Please email this form to Ms Goniwe
    7. Central Beach Site Plan (PDF)
    8. Food Vendor Application Forms (Word)
    9. Truck Vendor Application Forms (Word)
    10. Application for Population Certificate (PDF) -  Please email this form to H Venter


Once you have completed the documents, please email them to


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